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todos los mina para pele
ar con los blancos y levantar
se contra ellos, y que el
Declarante le respondio
que para que querian
levantarse contra los blan
cos, si estamos canzados de
travajar vale mas imos
simarrones y responde----
Preguntado si no save que
jacó y Zesar hablaron a al
guna pers.a para el levanta
miento Dijo que lo ignora
pero que despues que dho
Juan Luis abló al declarante
all the mina joining together to
fight the whites and revolt
against them, and that the
Declarant responded
that why would they want
to revolt against the whites,
if we are tired of
working it is better to run
away and he responds--
Asked if he did not know that
jacó and Zesar spoke to
some person about the
uprising He said that he did not know
but that after said
Juan Luis spoke to the declarant