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had to do their coup against
the whites in the town in order to
do the same on the same day at Pointe
Coupée, it is certain that he
Knew what had to take place
at Pointe Coupée.
Replied that he is being charged with
Improper stories and that he has
No knowledge of anything he is being
Accused of, nor of what had to
Happen at Pointe Coupée
9. Interrogated about whether he knows some
negroes, Minan or others, of
Pointe Coupée
Replied that he knows those
For which he served as an interpret
In front of Sir the Auditor
And that he does not know their names;
That he moreover knows the negro
Named Jean Baptiste, blacksmith
Belonging to Mrs Lacour;
Zéphir negro of Mr. Tounoir