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years, and that he is of Mina
2. Interrogated about whether he knows the negro
called Petit Perre, slave
of Sir Colin La Cour, or the
negro Fam, slave of the Widow
Baron, living at Pointe
Replied that he knew only what they
Looked like [translation of “connaître de vue”, literally “to know by sight”], that if he
Saw them, he would recognize them.
3. Interrogated about whether he knew a German
named Rockembourgh
Replied that he did not know him.
4. Interrogated about whether he knows that the
Pointe Coupée negros had
to send him through Cecille
Founoir a request for their
Replied that he does not have any
Knowledge of what he is being interrogated about
And that he does not know said
Cecille Founoir