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5. Interrogated about whether he knows the negro
Anis, slave of the Baron Widow,
Who went to town with the Sir
Hipolite Baron.
Replied that he does not know any
Of these people and that he does not
Do their business.
6. Interrogated about whether he had ever talked
to Anis, and what the latter told him
Replied that he does not know
A negro of this name, that it is
Possible that he talked to him without
Knowing him.
7. Interrogated about whether he knew that Anis, or
some other negro had to take
powder and munitions
to Pointe Coupée.
Replied that he had no
Knowledge of all of this
8. Interrogated about the fact that, being accused by
the negro Fam, of having to alert the
negro Anis of the day on which the slaves