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Post / settlement: 
-91.45332, 30.72432
The geographic focal point of the 1795 consipiracy, this was the main plantation, principal residence and main store of Julien Poydras, a large landowner with several properties in Pointe Coupée (Costello 2010).
Acreage Notes: 
Acreage based on value listed in the historical plat map index.

Associated Documents

Identified as
Declaration of Jean Baptiste Riché (April 25, 1795)
Mr. Poédras’ cabin
Declaration of Frédéric Riché (April 25, 1795)
another store
Confession of Jean Sorga (May 18, 1795)
at the cabin of Antoine Sarrasin
Declaration of Antoine Sarrasin [Poydras] (May 11, 1795)
cabin of Coffe negro of Mr. Poédras
Statement of Francoise (May 6, 1795)
cabin of Mr. Poédras
Statement of Madelaine (May 6, 1795)
cabin of Mr. Poédras
Declaration of Francoise (April 27, 1795)
cabin of Mr. Poédras’ camp
Confrontation of Marcos Lich and his crew with Jeanne and others (May 15, 1795)
cabin of Sarrasin
Confession of Julien [Sarpy] (May 18, 1795)
his [Jean Baptiste's (Poydras)] plantation
Statement of Jean Baptiste Riché (May 5, 1795)
one of Mr. Poédras’ cabins
Declaration of Joseph La Fleur (May 19, 1795)
the Poedras plantation
Statement of Francois [Goudeau] (May 8, 1795)
the cabin of Antoine Sarrasin
Declaration of Louis Bordelon [Poydras] (May 9, 1795)
the cabin of Jean Baptiste Commander [Poydras]
Declaration of Louis [Goudeau] (May 8, 1795)
the cabin of Jean, slave of Mr. Poédras
Declaration of Philipe [Widow Lacour] (May 13, 1795)
the cabin of [Antoine] Sarrasin [Poydras]
Declaration of Angelique [Widow Decuire] (May 13, 1795)
the cabin of man called [Cupudon]
Declaration of Marcos Lich (May 15, 1795)
the camp of Sr Poedras
Execution of the Sentence (May 29, 1795)
the camps of Sr Poedras, Widow Lacour, Widow Barron
Statement of Martin Bourgeat [copy] (May 4, 1795)
the home of Mr. Poedras
Declaration of Joseph Mina [Poydras] (May 9, 1795)
the master's [Poydras's] house
Declaration of Jacob [Patin] (May 13, 1795)
the plantation Poedras
Declaration of Jean Baptiste [Poydras] (May 10, 1795)
the plantation of Poedras
Declaration of (Grand) Charles [Poydras] (May 12, 1795)
the plantation
Declaration of Baptiste [Poydras] (May 11, 1795)
the prison of the plantation Poédras
Declaration of Petit Pierre [Goudeau] (May 9, 1795)
the said [Poydras] plantation
Statement of Frédéric Riché (May 5, 1795)
the store

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