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-91.36228, 30.68967; -91.35114, 30.67603; -91.37826, 30.69149; -91.38254, 30.66506
In the late 1790s this was likely the estate of the Widow Le Blond, née Marie Jeanne Deslattes (DeLatte, or DeLatre?) (1741-1823), the 3rd wife of Jean Babtiste Bara dit La Blonde (1700-1782). According to Costello (2010, p.50) The Baras have been identified as Jean Baptiste Bara dit LeBlond and his third wife, Jeanne Delatte. The Bara dit LeBlond plantation fronted the Mississippi on either side of the upper mouth of False River. As identifed on the historical plat maps the estate consisted of several plots.
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Acreage was calculated from the digitized plot boundaries.

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